Cat's Room

Cat’s Room

Rekaan Cat Room or Cat’s Room this is specially designed for customers Illusion Hafiezd Design of Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi. This cat room will be inhabited by cats named ‘Minah’ & Alex.

The furniture in this cat room is made of material melamine. The size of a large box is approx 900mm & 600mm long and 450mm high, while the play and climbing space sites are more or less the same 400mm long and 100mm wide.

Originally we had hired a small company named Artiflag Pet Furniture but sadly they have deceived us. They gave various reasons so that in the end they did not complete the cat room furniture that we ordered.

In fact, this company also deceived many more people. Most of those scammed are cat enthusiasts who want to make furniture or a cat house. Some were cheated of thousands of ringgit and even up to 300K. The worst part is the furniture they make causes the cats to get injured because their work is so bad. So if you read this blog entry, please be careful with this company yes.

Alhamdulillah we succeeded cover behind the manufacturing work furniture in cat room this. Although we lost only the deposit money, but we were relieved that our customers did not receive bad luck like others.

If anyone asks, the cost of making this cat room depends on space size, design and material used. We as Interior Designer or Interior Designer can only share the price after making design & drawings with us. So you need to hire us for design & drawings before we complete the design of your cat room ok.

Cat Room Design in 3D Visual

Cat Room Drawing in the form of 2D Detail Drawing

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