Cheap and Beautiful Tile Shop

Cheap and Beautiful Tile Shop

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

There are many shops tiles or tiles which sells a wide variety of brands tiles in Malaysia. Some like to buy branded tiles, some want cheap and beautiful.

We want to share one of the stores selling favorite tiles we that is Super Ceramic Tiles & Design Sdn Bhd located at Semenyih. Coincidentally, this shop is close to our house and makes it easy for us to choose and pick up direct stock (transport using Viva je ok) from their warehouse there.

What is best about this shop is that there are so many tiles which is beautiful and cheap. Imagine sized tiles 2′ x 1′ can get less RM10. While there are also gorgeous patterns, the price is less than RM5. If we always buy from there, there will be discount as a regular customer.

Apart from selling tiles of various brands, this two -storey warehouse also sells goods sanitary ware (pipes, toilets, sinks, etc.), electrical appliances kind of fan, water heater, construction materials, wallpaper and vinyl flooring on the lower level.

We are really comfortable shopping here’s why the store is there air cond and ready to be escalator to go upstairs. It’s not like that typical cheap, dusty tile shops and narrow passages. To choose tiles is not comfortable. Huhu.

However it is up to preference respectively. There are many brand tiles as. We’re just sharing review because I like to go there. Haha. Not paid ok.

Can see the pictures of the shop and the tiles we have used for the ID project Illusion HafiEzd Design . Hope it is useful!

*Tiles used for the backsplash of the Kitchen Project in Cheras.*

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