Colored Kitchen Design by Illusion Hafiezd Design

Colored Kitchen Design by Illusion Hafiezd Design

For over 10 years Illusion Hafiezd Design dabbling in the field Interior design, we are wise in making kitchen design which is interesting with color unique. Each kitchen design is specially designed according to concept and customer’s request we. Therefore, no design has the same design between the homes of our customers.

We take into account the demands of our customers in terms of their needs in designing interior space of the house they. Kitchen especially, is a very important and necessary space modified according to space conditions, concepts, materials, budget and most importantly theme colors which is the dream of our customers.

Here we will share some colored kitchen design that we have prepared for our customers.

1. Kitchen Design In Serene Heights, Bangi (Acacia)

Kitchen design in Serene Heights we just prepared this in Mac 2020. Dry and wet kitchen space is separated by glass barrier or glass divider. Room dry kitchen have island kitchen or island which is combined directly with the dining table. The color of the door in the dry kitchen is dark turquoise and the material is Melamine Panel.

Room wet kitchen or wet kitchen this is designed using melamine material as well but the doors are colored bright blue. The kitchen cabinet looks elegant when added glass backing, surface gray quartz stone and halogen lamp in the cabinet. The cost of both kitchens is approx 25 thousand.

2. Kitchen Design In Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi.

Kitchen for bungalows in Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi this is one of the most luxurious kitchens we have ever made. Material Shaker doors brown this is made of MDF with spray paint packaging.

The kitchen surface uses quartz stone with the marmar effect or marble effects quartz stone. Back packaging kitchen wall or kitchen back splash is tiles with marble patterns which is almost the same as the top surface of the cabinet. The cost of kitchen cabinets (excluding electrical appliances) is more 80 thousand.

3. Kitchen Design In Taman Seri Mas, Cheras

Colored kitchen turquoise green this is also made of material MDF Spray Paint with black glass. Top surface breakfast table the kitchen is made of white quartz stone.

Although this dry kitchen space looks small but this kitchen still has a lot of storage space. Behind the black glass doors, there are halogen lights that illuminate the inside of the cabinet.The total cost of the kitchen is more or less 18 thousand.

4. Kitchen Design At Sfera Residency, Puchong.

The kitchen colors in this condominium are among the unique colors chosen by our customers. Yellow which is minimally coupled with Grey the kitchen door is made of material melamine.

The narrow kitchen space we have remodeled to be more spacious when adding high cabinet and island cabinet near the entrance. The island cabinet is actually a combination shoe rack and storage cabinets from the opposite direction. The overall cost of the kitchen is much less 15 thousand.

5. Kitchen Design In Southville City, Bangi.

The kitchen design in this condo unit incorporates a door material melamine colored dark blue and the door acrylic glass white in color. The iron on our shelves is colored with gold color while the top surface of the kitchen cabinet is made of marble effects solid surface.

The kitchen is also equipped with cabinet accessories in the drawer section. Due to that, the overall cost of the kitchen is much less 18 thousand.

6. Kitchen Design In Serene Heights, Bangi (Begonia)

This house project was the first house we managed to make Interior Design renovation in the settlement area Serene Heights. Kitchen It is designed with a brightly colored door material, a quartz tone surface with a marble effect along with tiles with almost the same pattern.

At the request of the client, we have added feature wall with material veneer brick of kitchen wall. The kitchen also has glass sliding door at the entrance of the kitchen space so as to prevent odors into other spaces.

7. Kitchen Design At Hafiezd Design Illusion Showroom, Semenyih

This kitchen is new 80% ready because it has not been placed kitchen top and kitchen backsplash. We have designed this kitchen unit in combination material 5G glass hitam and white together pink melamine.

Look forward to this kitchen design being fully completed when our Showroom officially opens later. God willing. Caused we have to PKP or Covid-19 virus now scattered, renovation of this interior design gallery had to be stopped for a while.

Every colored kitchen design we produce is a must have design and drawings first. Therefore, we as Interior Designers are wearing charge design fee & consultation for our customers. Only that customer willing to pay the price of the design fee and have a sufficient budget can we help to produce such a beautiful and interesting kitchen.

If you are interested in getting services Interior design or Interior Design consultation with us you can contact us by email

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