Colors, Patterns & Materials in Interior Design

Colors, Patterns & Materials in Interior Design

Color elements, patterns and material in interior design or Interior Design very important in generating that space unique, elegant and attractive.

The expertise of an Interior Designer or Interior Designer is to choose colors, patterns and materials based on design concept in space, theme color, type of space, client wishes and customer bajet itself.

Not happy to apply a combination of design elements different in one space. Only an ID who really majored in Interior Design knows how to blend all these elements in one space. We did study the subject Material, Psychology of Colours, Furniture Making, etc.

Apart from that, as ID we also specialize in combine colors, patterns and material that different in one space. Our design is visible versatile or different if we know what kind of material is appropriate. We will not be tied to one type of material – for example wainscoting which is widely used by Interior Decorators in Malaysia today.

Because we are in field interior design, we are also exposed to various material suppliers. There are suppliers who do not sell directly to clients, so we are middle man who helps the client apply ID material different in their interior space.

Often, as an ID, we will help customer guide select the appropriate color and material for the client don’t run away from design which has been designed.

For example, son choose curtains, need to know background color or house paint available. Besides that, I got to know pattern how should be chosen according to the concept of interior design. If classical can choose flower pattern or fine spiral pattern but not too stringy. If modern of course plain color with thick velvet fabric which is heavy so that the space is visible exclusive and neat.

Want to choose wallpaper also need to know the type of wallpaper. There is paper backing or vinyl backing. Some people dare to buy cheap wallpaper made of paper and choose a pattern that is fibrous and lots of colors. In fact, they do not know, the paper wallpaper can damage the walls and is very difficult to remove compared to vinyl wallpaper.

So don’t be weird if you are ‘less successful’ apply combined material and color is like the concept of material in the picture. Of course, interior designers are more savvy in choosing a combination of colors, patterns and materials in a space.

We look at and face design these days. ‘Eyes of art’ we are indeed different from ordinary people. So if you have extra money, you can Interior Designer wages to remodel the interior of a house or building you are ok

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