Combined Wainscoting & Wallpaper

Combined Wainscoting & Wallpaper

Look the latest trends in Interior Design or interior design, most homes like to use a lot Wainscoting as Feature Wall. Though Illusion Hafiezd Design rarely use design wainscoting or wall beading in design our client’s house, but often the client is interested in the way we combine it with wallpaper.

We have used 3 examples of home ID projects wainscoting and wallpaper in the pictures below. First for space Bedroom (Sunway Cheras Project). We used wall ‘beading’ instead of typical wainscoting to makes it looks modern & fresh.

Combined Wallpaper & Wall Beading at Bedhead

Combined Wallpaper & Wall Beading in TV Cabinet

Both we combine wainscoting and patterned wallpaper Damask for decorating projects in Vista Mahogany, Kajang. This modern English -style concept design also incorporates navy blue tones as the theme color in the space. This is one of our favorite projects because the combination of wainscoting, wallpaper and blue color makes the space calm and cozy.

Gabungan Wallpaper & Wainscoting sebagai Living & Dining Feature Wall

While the last for the Bungalow project at Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi. Wainscoting in the dining room is visible luxury when combined with wooden doors, wooden dining table and lights chandelier klasik our client’s choice.

Want to combine wainscoting with this wallpaper seems easy. But it is actually necessary research and expertise designer’s eye to chose suitable wallpaper to combine with the panels.

Wallpaper patterns are best combined with wainscoting necessarily Damask hue or classic flower. Just when you want to apply a pattern like this, furniture and decorative items around must have the same concept.

For example, if you use it wainscoting with wood which has a heavy or sophisticated pattern, furniture selected must be of type classical too.

The latest trend of wainscoting combinations is with abstract patterned wallpaper or geometry. This pattern creates space not too static and flexible, not tied to one type of concept only.

The space will look more modern when there is a combination of wainscoting and wallpaper with a fresher pattern than the rather heavy Damask pattern. Various latest designer furniture as wooden furniture and sofa factory very suitable to be placed in such a space.

If you are interested in combining it wainscoting and wallpaper Please call Illusion HafiEzd Design by email:

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