Cupboard & Drawer Accessories - Drawer Accessories

Cupboard & Drawer Accessories – Drawer Accessories

Client Illusion HafiEzd Design who created the project Interior Design Renovation with us more RM50K we share prizes Drawer Accessories or Cupboard & Drawer Accessories ni.

Drawer Accessories This is suitable for placement jewellery no matter the brand Habib, Poh Kong, or Zullian (is there more?). Can also be placed brooch we who often disappear mysteriously. Huhu.

The latest design drawer accessories by SHINE This is also suitable for storing men’s belongings. Look, there’s a place ready put the clock (black space), can be placed cufflinks, belt & many more items. So there is no need to call the wife to look for her husband’s things again. 😅

This accessory only fits drawers or frame size kabinet 600mm & 900mm. That’s why we have to prepare design & drawings First, you can put this accessory inside closet or dressing table.

As an Interior Designer, we will make our wardrobe design different from other wardrobe or cabinet specialist.

We will make a closet or cabinet with special design, according to specifications and client needs, the best will be full of accessory. Haha.

So if you want to do Interior design renovation & get the best accessories can contact us yes. If you want to make just cupboard do with wardrobe specialist ok.

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