Electrical Appliances Brand

Electrical Appliances Brand

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Today I want to share electrical goods brand the best based research or review that we make and customers Illusion HafiEzd Design always choose. What we share here is based on our nearly 9 years of experience in the field Interior Design where we help client buy all these electrical items, whether a friend buys them at the store or exhibition.

Air Conditioning / Air Cond

Brand Daikin ever been in the company York for a moment, but then they came back out. So don’t confident if people say York and Daikin are the same.
– Based on aircond experts, use the existing Air cond Inverter for spaces that use it for more than 8 hours only. For example the bedroom. If the living room is rarely used, you can use non-inverter air conditioning.

*Our Panasonic Air Cond is covered with wood so it’s not too cold.*

– For us the price of the fan DEKA again affordable and certain design is not bad. Additional, blade size DEKA fans are diverse and more numerous than others.
– Brand Alpha & Rating in turn suppliers under one company. Arvio is a little premium price and beautiful design. The size of the Alpha blades also has a lot compared to the Arvio.
Panasonic fan if you want to buy check whether to install must be there hook or get shot slab. Because there is the experience of our clients buying, there is no need to scrape back the plaster ceiling. Adeh.

*DEKA Brand Fan. There are many sizes of blades. From small to large blades. But the fan speed is a bit limited for some designs.*
*Arvio brand fan. One of the beautiful and premium Designer Fan.*

3. Pacifica

– If you want to buy cooker hood or hob, make sure to match Asian cuisine or Asian Cooking.
– Since a long time ago Fujioh / Fujihome is Japanese brand the best but the price is a bit expensive compared to other brands.
– Buy the hood inhale smoke, not absorb oil. When you inhale smoke, don’t forget to punch a hole in the wall ducting holes kid then. (Always if you make your own IKEA kitchen, this part must be exposed. Haha)

*Electrolux brand hood. Looks solid and exclusive.*

2. Hanabishi Electric Oven

– Get a list of best cooker oven from this website: https://bakingclassmalaysia.com/mini-oven/
– I’m sorry I haven’t baked for a long time, I think anyone who is used to baking can suggest brand which is more ok. But our clients always buy Electrolux oven.

– Experience buying two brands of refrigerators Toshiba & Hitachi It’s been broken in less than 2 years. Haha.
– My mother is useless LG years of endurance. So, it feels like LG is good compared to other brands.
– Don’t forget to register the warranty online / at the store you bought. It will be hard to fix, again the refrigerator has an inverter, etc

Water Heater

– Joven did brand no 1 Malaysia. Slightly noisy but durable.
– Alpha is a little cheap but some people say it’s hot. Wallahualam
-Check if needed water pump or no time to buy a water heater because in some houses, the water pressure is low.

*Joven water heater. At the beginning of the purchase, I had to buy in Shah Alam / Joven Headquarters. Haha. Because this design is not used by many people. There is a slightly expensive rain shower.*
If what we share is useful, you can SHARE. Again, we did not get any commission for this review. Haha. Just want to help you all make the right choice when you want buy electrical goods.

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