Girls Bedroom Design

Girls Bedroom Design

As Interior Designer, one feeling deeply best and proud is when the client appreciate the design we.

Alhamdulillah, we recently managed to install wallpaper at the client’s house at South Lake CITY. For the first time we also have the opportunity to design teenage girl’s room which uses a combination of colors green and pink.

*3D Visual that is the client’s reference to renovate his daughter’s bedroom.*

We only proposed 3D Visual and the client himself tries to realize his daughter’s wishes with order a cabinet and room decor according to our design.

Although the client did not make a cabinet with us, but we are very happy to see the design 70% the same with 3D. Look at the impression of the client’s child back in school, he is really excited to get his dream room.

*Original kitchen area before renovation*

*Customization and decoration*

* Writing desk complete with book cabinet *

That’s why, sometimes when we become designers instead of prioritizing profit only. But SATISFACTION when our design is appreciated by the client, it also keeps us motivated to do the best for our work. InsyaAllah.

*Wallpapers match the color theme of the whole room*

It’s nice to have a client like this. Besides not being chatty, payment very fast. Pray we get clients like this again. Amen

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