Interior Design & Decoration Project - Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras

Interior Design & Decoration Project – Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras

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This time we want to share another project interior design and decor which we successfully completed for our client’s home at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras. Project interior decoration for this house is very interesting because in addition to making kabinet, we also 3 room décor in the house that is Living Room, Study Room and Prayer room and Master Bedroom.

Originally, customers just wanted to create combinations book cabinet with the study table and cabinet TV in the room. He is also interested in installing wallpaper and vinyl flooring on the second level of the house.

*Vinyl Flooring Installation in Master Bedroom*

* Installation of Book Cabinets & Study Desks *

Yet next he asked us to make kitchen cabinet or tall unit cabinet of kitchen space. This cabinet also features several kitchen accessories with the latest and practical design.

* Kitchen Cabinet with Pull-out Basket *

*Kitchen Cabinets with Tandem Accessories*

Satisfied with our interior design services, the client added our decoration services. She wants the master bedroom space to be transformed to be more cheerful and practical.

*TV cabinet with hanging cupboard in Master Bedroom*

*Beautiful and practical 2 function cabinet*

We have renovated master bedroom Becomes an exclusive and elegant space. The layout of the room was changed so this spacious room was divided into several spaces namely – Wardrobe space, work space, sleeping space and the lounge for families watching TV and practicing bikes.

We have also renovated the living room and the dining room by increasing the floor vinyl and wallpaper. A space that was once dull becomes bright when brightened with white wallpaper. More stories, we changed the old carpet to carpet which is more colorful and cheerful.

Study room and prayer room has also been given a new lease of life with a new desk chair together canvas frame quotes to inspire learning to the children of the host. The elongated space is divided into two. Wallpaper Islamic Geometric Pattern be the focal point for the prayer room along with a small shelf to place the book on it.

*Prayer Room & Study Room*

*Islamic Geometric Pattern Wallpaper*

*Canvas Frame Quotes

Definitely as Interior Designer what we need to do is make sure the interior design we produce helps our clients in solving problems in their interior space. We care storage system or storage there needs to be a lot, the quality of lighting in the space for example by adding decorative lights in the bedroom, color theme and concept in every space, and make sure shape and customize which we do make the residence comfortable to live in.

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