Interior Design Gallery / Interior Design Showroom 1

Interior Design Gallery / Interior Design Showroom 1

If anyone follows my journey as an Interior Designer must know our ambition to open a showroom and Interior Design office.

Since 2017, the past days have seen a row of shop lots Loyal Ecohill Taipan I will pray:

“Can we open an office / showroom here.”

Destined a few months ago my ex-boss which too my sifu suddenly decide want to open a showroom in Semenyih. That week was also Sunday he continued sign rental agreement.

When we came to measure the showroom, it was a feeling of tears and disbelief. We aim for the middle and level 3 shop lot (rent is a bit cheap). Rental boss corner lot, level 1 and there is lift come here!

Boss said, here it is ‘opportunity’ he shared our words. We open collaborate showroom and office tu, but at the same time due for business to him as well. It’s nice to bring the client to see design, workmanship & accessories from the company boss we’ve been using all this time.

The location of this showroom is very strategic when there is a shop Setia / RM2 below, Mr DIY next door and newest Family Mart at the end block. InsyaAllah there will be next year shopping mall behind the showroom (Setia Ecohill Walk), there is an MBO cinema ready, you know.

Best of all, this showroom is next to our residential area. Just 5 minutes drive from home, no need to face tolls and hours. Continue to the office. 😁

Alhamdulillah, this showroom is now almost 70%ready. But this time we share the installation of vinyl flooring first. We pay the cost of this floor because the boss is responsible for the cost of rental, cabinet, aircond, etc. Crying also came out thousands of dollars. Luckily there are suppliers for a little cheaper than the market price. Haha.

Pray that everything is simplified. Invite to come if you want to make an ID, if you want to make a cabinet, you can just not under us. Huhu.

Showroom location: 16-2, Jalan Ecohill 1/5A, Setia Ecohill, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

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