Interior Design Gallery / Interior Design Showroom 2

Interior Design Gallery / Interior Design Showroom 2

In the process of preparing design for the Interior Design Gallery Interior Design showroom I don’t remember how many times I slept late to prepare 3D Visual, came to the factory consult design & design got rejected by our investors. Ha ha.

Investor we cum ex-boss I have to approve all this 3D Design. He spends a lot of money so we have to make sure the design ‘suits’ his taste as well.

It’s really challenging to design showroom alone. Just make sure design can trending or remain relevant for many years. The selected material is also not quickly outdated. Because throughout my experience of over 10 years, design trend it is very fast changing indeed.

Even cabinet colour trending change rapidly. So if you choose the wrong color and material, this showroom is over. Most of the material doors we use are material melamine. There are also cabinets made of material glass & spray paint. For kitchen or top surfaces kitchen top, we’ll probably use Quartz Stone.

Alhamdulillah in the process design & production Here, everyone staff in the factory there is a lot of input. I guess we don’t design the shock ourselves. Because of us work as a team. This Showroom ID does not belong to you Illusion Hafiezd Design is tau. This showroom also belongs to AVL Interior Industries & Gloss accessories.

It is not easy to open a showroom with the size of the area 2600sqft, there are 3 set kitchen cabinet with different materials, wardrobe, TV cabinet, bedhead, etc.

Then you have to think about how to place hundreds cabinet accessories and stack it in each cabinet. Seriously if you think alone can break your head ok.

Alhamdulillah, there is a cabinet that has started production in the factory. Later time install I update more progress.

Excited I want to open my own showroom. Although we have to spend a little money, but we hope that the money will germinate when the showroom opens. InsyaAllah. Amen. 😁

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