Latest Lighting Design / New Lighting Design

Latest Lighting Design / New Lighting Design

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera. On this glorious Friday, let me share the latest lighting designs for you all. Who knows, this partnership can help you buy lights for your bungalow later. Amen

Coincidentally, a few months ago we spent almost RM700 to buy more than 10 lamps for a client’s house House of Lighting, Puchong. This shop is famous for its very cheap lamp prices, but wanting to be able to park is a bit of a love affair as well. Heh.

*House Of Lighting Lighting Shop, Puchong*

So if you want to buy this lamp, you have to plan your budget. If the house is new, check how much lighting point available, ceiling type, space type and lamp color what we want.

*See how many lights are in this store. Random eyes he made. Heh*

For example, if you want to install downlight, If there is any plaster ceiling can buy a downlight of that type plant in the ceiling. If concrete slab, buy that exposed from the ceiling.

*Types of downlights. Standard size is usually used by 4 “*

You can choose the color yellow, warm white or cool white. Or you can choose the type of 3 colors. Pick yellow once, close, pick back so warm white and so on. I hope we can 3 ambience in one room. Best can? The price of this 3 color lamp is a minimum of RM21 and if you buy a downlight, it is better to buy a price of RM20 and above. (The cheaper ones break down quickly, so you have to buy a new set.)

*Modern Pendant Light – Suitable for Living & Dining*

Ok, get in thing pendant light anyway, you have to be good at choosing which one modern and practical. Nowadays, people don’t use ceiling mounted lights (You can see the picture I shared.) The reason is that the ceiling mounted is difficult to clean and insects are easy to enter. Choose a lamp whose bulbs are cheap, easy to buy and change.

*Ceiling Mounted Type – Lights that are quite difficult to change*

*The latest Pendant Lamp design. Suitable for Dining or Breakfast Table area*

Light Chandelier also do not buy if our house has a low ceiling and not an English or glam concept. They are light This chandelier is hard to clean but you have a salary person please scrub the days. Huh.

*You can choose this pendant lamp to replace the Chandelier. Easier to clean and up to date.*

Wall lamp or wall light also do not choose the existing one casing floral pattern glass. Want modern, choose the simple and the bulb is easy to change. Understand the lights on the stairs, you have to choose wisely. (You can see the pictures of the updated & outdated lighting design.)

*Latest Wall Light Design. There are a few Hipster features*

*Wall Light design that can also be used as deco on the wall.*

*Design Wall Light yang outdated*

Again it is recommended, if you have more budget, hire an Interior Designer to make a Lighting Plan so that you can plan how many lamps to buy and design the arrangement of lights, fans and aircond in the house.

* Examples of Reflected Ceiling Plans or Lighting Plans that we as Interior Designers Make *

May what is shared be beneficial. Pray for business Illusion HafiEzd Design continue to progress and the Malaysian economy is ok after this election. Amen


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