New Millennium Story Sheet Scribbles to the Present Decade

New Millennium Story Sheet Scribbles to the Present Decade

2000 – I’m a Y2K PMR candidate. I didn’t think so Mohd Hafizsham UPSR candidates of the same year. Can you imagine a Lower Secondary student falling in love with a Level 2 boy at that time? ๐Ÿ˜‚

2001 – Tahun transformasi selepas gagal straight A’s PMR. Aiming to be an INTERIOR DESIGNER. Never look back since then.

2002 – SPM Candidate. Just focus on the subject Terrace. Elective subjects, especially Chemistry, are only ‘tawakal.’ Ha ha. The first & last time to fast in Ramadan at STJ school.

2003 – SPM result ‘enough to eat.’ Aim to continue studying at UITM, can interview Architecture there. But ‘rezeki’ continued to study at Matrik UIA, PJ. Get to know many friends of the afterlife.

2004 – Enjoy studying at UIA Matrix, Architecture & Environmental Design course. Struggle to learn the basics of design. It’s fun to draw manually using Prisma technical pens & markers. Began to be a design course student who often stays up and doesn’t sleep at night.

2005 – Continuing Degree for course – Applied Arts & Design. A new course majoring in Interior Design. Alhamdulillah. Really enjoyed my time in UIA main campus, Gombak. Especially in KAED.

2006 – Can majoring in Interior Design. Enjoy studio life. Participate & incharge big event – APSDA (Asia-Passific Space Designer Association) & get to know student IDs from various countries.

2007 – Busy with life as a university student. Never been the best student. Design is always cursed. Haha. Get acquainted with the ‘mate’ but only chat on the phone. Lost contact for several months. Haha.

2008 – 1st date with the love of my life. February 7. Equally be a โ€˜catalyst of enthusiasmโ€™ for learning. This year I started my practical training at 2 ID companies. Learn a lot. Alhamdulillah.

2009 – Alhamdulillah, graduated in Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design – Interior Design Majoring. Officially work as an ID in one big ID Company. Work is very stressful, always stay up until you need to be referred to the hospital. First time sorry take course ID. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ Oh, this year I also managed to buy my VIVA car which has done a lot so far. ๐Ÿ˜‚

2010 – Enter the new company AVL Living Concept – specializes in cabinetry. Improved 3D design skilled. Enjoy working there because I’m not a senior. Haha. Only met Hafizsham 7 times this year because everyone is busy ‘building a career.’ Lost my #bff – Ruzaini Azrin. Just knew he died in an accident after a month. Innalillah ..

2011 – Still working at AVL. Learn skills – sales, marketing, accounting, etc. Start creating a Freelance ID.

2012 – Migrated to a new company. Salaries go up. Can save for WEDDING. Lost my MIL in April. But we still proceed getting married on 16th September. Started life as wife to Hafizsham. ๐Ÿ˜˜

2013#HayfaNurAlani was born on July 9th. After 3 months the child was born, quit working at the 3rd company. At the end of the year, he started working in the 4th company. First time moving into a rented house with a small family.
2014 – Stopped working from the 4th company. Start a business listing Illusion HafiEzd Design. Meanwhile, he became a Part-Time Lecturer at the College of Geomatics & UIA. 1st time manage ID Project from AZ. Very excited. Oh #HafiyaNurAdni born on November 25th. A bitter financial test.

2015 – Start getting big projects, worth hundreds of thousands. Unable to handle project and site alone. In addition, manage children & still be a lecturer at UIA. ‘Rayu’ Hafizsham quit his job from Architect Firm.

2016 – ID projects & businesses are booming. Alhamdulillah. Struggle managed our own business. Rezeki #HayaniNurArdini was born on August 29. Lots of sustenance for this year’s talk. 1st time the project became the cover of Impiana Magazine. Very happy. This year also moved to Semenyih.

2017 – The beginning of the business year is slow. 1st time take intern staff. Alhamdulillah, the middle to the end of the business year is ok again. Last year he became a Part-Time Lecturer at UIA.

2018 – Too busy, stressed & tired. Lost our 4th child on 8th of March. Hospital and ICU admission for a week. So severe trauma. But thank God he managed to get through the test. Stay focused on business & cherish the children who are still alive.

2019 – The ID business continues to grow. Alhamdulillah. The name of the company is beginning to be known. Get the opportunity to collaborate open a showroom with ex-boss AVL. Learn more about business IDs.

2020 – Hayfa started entering Grade 1. I didn’t think my children were big. Haha. The showroom will open soon. God willing.

Too much has happened in these 20 years. Just used as a snippet for memories of classic stories for the future.

May this year be better than previous years. We only plan the best in life, but in His hands is written our sustenance and how to live our lives. Kind prayers. May Allah swt grant us mercy & goodness in this world & the hereafter. Aamiin ๐Ÿ˜˜

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