Paint Selection Science

Paint Selection Science

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera

We recently met with client Illusion HafiEzd Design of South Lake CITY. This client is only our wages design and install wallpaper because he needs to makeover living room and kitchen. His main problem is to choose paint color and color themes in each space because the color of the existing space theme too *fancy*. Heh.

*Paint Color Proposal – Jotun Paint*

So we prepared 3D Visual and colour paint template along with code paint Jotun colour. When we came, he had finished painting the house and furniture, just installed wallpaper. What is best, our color proposed very beautiful! Haha.

*3D Vs Reality*

Frankly, I’m not even good at painting. Understand, this hand is widely used for educating children, not for menial labor. Ha ha. But I want to share some of the paint selection knowledge that I got along almost 9 years so Interior Designer ni.

1. The paint I like to use the most is the brand Jotun. Why? Because when we choose paint follow colour chart / book, the color almost the same. I’ve had experience with it HERE Dulux and Nippon Paint. In another color book, suddenly when the paint on another wall. Oops …

*Paint Color Proposal – Jotun Paint*

* The results of wall paint using Jotun paint *

2. I once asked a contractor, what paint is the best? He said, all the paint is good. What’s important is that the person is good at painting. Haha. Yes, that’s why we prefer to call specialist painter compared to the manual laborers who came to paint. In addition to them expert, they also exist various selection paint colours. What color do you ask, belacan pink, brick red, azur blue, all there. (I’m out of my literary language. Heh)

3. Nice exterior paint he said HERE Dulux and Jotun. But I want to know, in the color book, there is paint that is marked, for example in the Jotun book, the mark penguin, that means the color is worth it mahal sikit. There are several colors of paint for Interior can’t apply for exterior and vice versa.

4. If you want to paint as best you can 4 layers. 2 times undercoated (white) and 2 times the main color. Make sure the paint is blended properly. The painter said, don’t add air or thinner into the paint, later the paint is less quality.

5. The main color I like to use for the walls is natural or earth tone colour. You can chose either brown tone or grey tone. I like the color of paints like this so that the space is cool and cosy. Avoid color oren and yellow! Very outdated ok. If you have a bright color, choose off-white or ivory.

*Grey Tone or Brown Tone – Jotun Paint*

6. If you want to use bright colors red, green, blue or whatever color though as feature wall, preferably paint only one wall in one space or two opposite walls with that wall. Use the rest of the wall earth tone color just now. It’s okay, if we study visual or colour psychology, a space filled with one type of color can mental and mood effects us, you know what?

*A combination of bright colors and earth tones, beautiful?*

7. Do you know the best way to choose a color theme in one room? Google or just search colour palette in Pinterest for example.

Search: Blue + Yellow + Brown Colour palette / scheme.

Follow exactly the color in picture. God willing, there will be no mistake in choosing the color for the room.

*Example Color Scheme. Make gold or gold as the color of wallpaper or accessories. Don’t color a house with gold!*

Hope this shared knowledge helps. Can SHARE for others to know. Don’t ask for the price and quality of other brands of paint not mentioned above, because I rarely buy paint. Haha.

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