Picture Frame Decoration Tips / Frame Decor

Picture Frame Decoration Tips / Frame Decor

Happy Holidays said to all readers of Airaniez’s Life blog.

In conjunction with this celebration, there must be a lot of enthusiasm deco or home makeover kan? As an Interior Designer who does deco work as well, one of the things we like to do is to deco the client’s house Illusion HafiEzd Design is with hanging frame or picture frame.

*Feature Wall with frame decor for client’s house in D’pines, Ampang*

There are various ways to hang this picture frame actually. There are also people who take tide fee or hang this frame if you want to hang it using suitable screws or nails. What is important, this work needs to be done at the very least 2 persons. A hangman and sign, another craftsman check altitude and balance frames.

*Canvas frame for MARA Japanese Library with pictures of Sakura flowers in Japan. Very high resolution pictures are taken so that the image does not break.*

Preferably the height of the picture to be hung is 57″ from the floor or at a height eye level. The frame spacing we like to make 1″-3″ because if the distance is very visible the frame is loose and it is difficult to balance the height of all the frames so that they are at the same level.

*Canvas picture frame / family picture in sepia mood (reddish-brown color)*

Most frames we buy at IKEA, Kaison or DIY MR. Tapi the best is IKEA’s frame, selain cheap price and light, the frame is also there image size reference or artwork. You can choose to hang a frame of the same material or can mix & match different frame patterns. You can too combine frames with letters, lights or clocks as we did for a client in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn recently.

*Frames purchased from IKEA that we hang for the office Dayang Beauty Secret in the Realm of Peace. The frame color was chosen to follow the Interior color theme – Pink, Gold & White. *

It depends on the will of each to hang family pictures, convoy pictures or Agong’s picture also can. Haha. If you want cheap and easy, you can print images in black and white mood. But we like use quotes which we took on the internet and adjusted the size using photoshop and placed a black frame so that it was easy to cut and trim.

*Combination of clocks & quotes for home decor project in Alam Impian, Shah Alam*

Usually the budget for this frame is deep RM100 can get more than 5 frames. If you want to save money, you can buy it from a shop for RM2, but you have to be smart and choose an interesting design. Can also print canvas image in the price of about RM30 and above. Make sure high resolution image so that the image on the frame canvas is not broken.

*Special custom sandblast quotes on glass / acrylic*

Here we share a little tips on how to hang the frame or steps to hang decor frame.

1. Arrange the frame first before hanging. Don’t hang on!

2. Choose quotes that have ready pictures or patterns. Quotes are printed on A4 paper. Size can be edited using apps or software such as Photoshop.

3. Hang using a suitable hook. We bought this hook from MR DIY store. It’s easier to tap than nails but only suitable for light picture frames.

4. Mark the position of the nails or the place of the frame for hanging. Can use toothpaste placed behind the frame before punching the nail.*

5. Bedroom decoration results for a house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras*

Anyone who is interested in decorating the house in conjunction with this Hari Raya open house can contact Illusion HafiEzd Design yes. Happy Hari Raya and tidy the house!

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