Quartz Stone Top & Undermount Sink Installation

Quartz Stone Top & Undermount Sink Installation

In kitchen design, There are many sink type which can be used so as to make the kitchen space more practical and neat. Most people love to use top mount sink because it is easy to install and easy to find in addition to its cheap price. But as Interior Designers, we always want our customers’ kitchens to look beautiful and tidy. So we will proposed undermount sink to our client and thank God, everyone loves it!

*Dry Kitchen Design for clients in Serene Heights, Bangi*

*Wet Kitchen design for clients in Serene Heights, Bangi*

Many people do not know the difference top mount sink and undermount sink. Both are there pros and cons. This time we will also share about how to install Undermount Sink below Quartz Stone top.

To Dry Kitchen, we choose Quartz Stone black or Black Flash, while Wet Kitchen color off white with small brownish effect stone. Both of these quartz stones are selected accordingly color theme of kitchen cabinet doors so if the pair matches the color. Heh.

Ok, let’s talk about this Undermount sink. Maybe many people do not know, there are many types of sinks and most people use top mount sinks where the sink is placed on top of the kitchen top. Top mount sink is cheaper, easy to install but can make stagnant water around the outside of the sink.

*Single Bowl Undermount Sink installed in Dry Kitchen*

The undermount sink is installed under the kitchen top surface, making the kitchen design more beautiful and tidy. The use of undermount sinks makes water is easy to flow into the sink versus the top mount sink. The kitchen surface also looks wider because the undermount sink is below the surface of the kitchen workspace.

*Double Bowl Undermount Sink yang dipasang di Wet Kitchen*

However, this undermount sink is not suitable to be applied for kitchen top tile or concrete top, laminate or non -waterproof kitchen surfaces. That’s why we like to use quartz stone top that more durable compared to other kitchen surfaces.

*Double bowl undermount sink that is ready to be installed with a beautiful white off white quartz stone top*

In addition to its slightly expensive price, the undermount sink is also quite difficult to install. That’s why you have to make sure kitchen specialist or experts which installs the sink. Want to save in any way, don’t be clever enough to install it yourself, ok.

You can look at the picture and read the caption to see the steps on how the undermount sink is installed with the quartz stone top. Can see the design kitchen Illusion HafiEzd Design looks elegant when installed undermount sink and quartz stone.

*Undermount sink reference drawing according to sink size*

* The surface of the wood is cut according to the previous size. *

* Ready to cut! *

*Insert the sink and glue the undermount sink rim*

*Quartz Stone top is placed carefully after the wood top is glued*

Ready to install Quartz Stone & Undermount Sink. Pipes can be installed after the quartz surface is drilled holes.

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