Shoe & Jewelry Cabinet Design Process

Shoe & Jewelry Cabinet Design Process

Many have seen Shoe Cabinet Design and Jewelry which we successfully produce in our client’s home at Serene Heights, Bangi. But there must be someone who does not know, how cabinet design process this is made until it is successfully produced on the site.

In fact idea origin cabinet design concept this comes from idea client alone. Client will share picture and we will redesign is according to space in the house, size, materials and client budget.

*Original idea of ​​the picture given by the client*

Based on the idea of ​​the picture given by the client, we provide it 3D visual according to the space in the client’s house Serene Heights. At that time, the client still doesn’t get the lock. So cabinet size which we design is according to layout plan size given by the client or taken from the website developer company.

*1st 3D Visual*

Design 3D which we produced later changed according to the client’s wishes. For example an open cabinet space brought up to load the helmet belongs to the client. We need to design the cabinet according to the size of the helmet so that the helmet can be placed beautifully into the cabinet.

* Client shows the design that you want to change based on the 3D given *

All cabinet frame size drawn in cabinet drawings and should be the same as the cabinet design as carpenter’s reference and install cabinet. The size of the cabinet should be measured accurately and kod material should be placed in the cabinet drawing earlier before being handed over to the carpenter.

*Cabinet drawing showing the division of shoe cabinet doors & lamp position*

*Cabinet drawing showing the division of the frame or the interior of the shoe cabinet*

Other than that, material kabinet also exchanged accordingly house theme colors. Originally the theme of the house was dark blue color, however at the end, the color of the opposite wall was switched to dark turqoise color.

*Shoe cabinet color that has been changed in 3D*

Demi accentuating jewelry items in the cabinet, we add a halogen lamp which is emitted directly inside the cabinet. Because of that, one light source or lighting point need to be pulled from the ceiling to connect suis and light into the cabinet.

*Lighting point pulled from the ceiling*

This shoe and jewelry cabinet is even more interesting when we add it shoe rack accessories colored rose gold. This shoe rack accessory very practical and flexible because it can load lots of shoes on.

Because a complicated design process this is what we find difficult to share 3D Visualizer outside make design kabinet for us. We need to make sure material selected from which supplier, the position of the lamp point, the size of the cabinet according to the accessories, and many more. In addition, when the client asks to change the design, we can change it at any time. No need to wait for others to do it and get it right extra charge to change the design.

*Shoe & jewelry cabinet design results*

*Lots of storage space in shoe and jewelry cabinets, best right?*

We also can’t make cabinets designed by other designers because we have to follow each design process so that what is designed becomes a reality on the site. So hopefully other designers understand why we had to refuse to make you all cabinets because we can only design our cabinets according to the design rules that we have made for many years.

Hope what is shared is useful. If interesting, you can share. Pray Illusion HafiEzd Design can produce more attractive cabinet designs in the future!

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