Staircase Area Design

Staircase Area Design

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Rarely do people know how to make full use of the stairwell or under the stairs. But client Illusion HafiEzd Design in Taman Seri Mas, Hulu Langat, he is very smart because he does not want to waste all the interior space of the house that he has.

He requested us to make a store and put extra seats by the stairs. Coincidentally the basement of his stairs was quite high and wide, so we kindly raised the barrier walls and doors so that it became additional storage space under the stairs.

The original space under the stairs is wide and empty

5 contractors and supplier needed to create ruang stor and bench ni:

1. Partition Contractor

Raise the partition & door. White undercoat paint and make sure flat gypsum walls and strong. We direct them add a lot of iron especially in the seating area so that when you want to lean against the wall it is not pulled out. Heh.

Contractor Partition increase the partition iron

The finished iron is raised according to the shape of the stairwell

Gypsum partitions are pasted to the iron

2. Electrician

Pull the lamp point new so that the store has lights. If it’s dark, what kind of stuff do you want to take?

The raw partition is ready to attach to the stairs

3. Carpenter & Installer

– Us just a bench load between room partition which came out with a ladder. Bench is made of melamine material and needs to be solid for people to sit. The bench is also hit tie or screw to the wall so as not to move when sitting.

White undercoat paint ready partition.

Entrance to a spacious storeroom.

4. Contractor Wet Work

Add paint with the same color as the walls of the surrounding space.

Bench needs to add a board at the end for cushion support. Partition walls are ready to be painted.

Bench ready without a cushion

5. Supplier Cushion

Cushion 8 ‘long and needs to be booked, it will take a few weeks to complete. The fate of loading the truck to the site. Haha.

Bench with long cushion.

So can show why people hire Interior Designer to do stair room just this? Hu Hu. If you can handle it 5 contractors and suppliers difference, set the time who starts work first and then, provide drawings so that they understand the size of the wall, bench, etc, and work monitor they are on the site until ready so there is no problem to make your own.

The cost to make this partition and bench is more or less RM8000. Price depend on size, material and design. So if you want the right price, you have to do it design and drawings first. If you want to play, you’ll lose a bit. Akak tak reti kira cincai. Later, the VO client price will come out, right?

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