Teknik Cat Dinding Ombre / Ombre Wall Paint

Teknik Cat Dinding Ombre / Ombre Wall Paint

While doing research for the color of the client’s wall paint, I came across an interesting painting technique called Shadow Paint.

This ombre is taken from the word French means ‘shaded’ or toned. That’s why the way to paint Ombre starts with dark color and so on bertona brighter.

Interestingly this technique we will be able to play some color mix up one wall. Starting from one color tone, move on to the next tone. The color also looks the same when applied layered with different tones.

This Ombre wall painting technique is like using water color on a canvas. If you want soft colors, combine it pastel colors sorts sky blue with purple violet. If dark color of course brick red color and orange.

The color tones produced with the ombre render technique quiet room and unique. Make sure you combine wisely pastel colors which is soft for bedroom space or fierce color as red and orange of the dining room as pappetizing.

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