The Interests of 3D Visual Design & Detailed Drawings Before Renovate Houses

The Interests of 3D Visual Design & Detailed Drawings Before Renovate Houses

Many still do not understand why it is important Interior 3D Visual Design & Detail Drawings before renovate home or make Interior Design Renovation. Importance design & drawings this is there before renovate the house so the renovation process was designed exactly and Paint can be made reference by the party contractors, carpenter & electricians.

Lukisan 3D Visual / 3D Visual Design

There are homeowners who can’t afford to pay design fee to design & drawings even if the cost is to share clear design and how kind of space or kabinet they will be able to. But if the homeowner is the right type well-planned, confirm they want design & drawings This is a reference for them as well.

Lukisan 3D Visual / 3D Visual Design

Lukisan 3D Visual / 3D Visual Design

For home projects in Setia Eco Glades, Cyberjaya the last one, our client is indeed a particular and know the need or requirements for her home, especially for her kitchen. You can see the picture below, he drew what he wanted to put in his kitchen cabinet. Details right?

We voted Interior Designer to the best of his ability to meet his request by providing arrangement or space planning in every room of the house. 3D Visual Design provided to show an overview of the kitchen, cabinet colors, lighting effects & materials of his choice.

Kitchen design in MDF with PU Spray Paint, Quartz Stone Top & Subway Tiles Backing

Plenty of storage space for storing items in the kitchen

Cabinet painting or Cabinet Detail Drawings also shows size and room storage or storage which he will be able to based on the size of his home kitchen. Each part of the cabinet is designed according to the wishes and needs of the client, taking into account the size of the electrical equipment which will be used in the kitchen.

Lukisan Kabinet / Cabinet Detail Drawings

Among special storage space which we need to prepare for client is storage space for cleaning items as vacuum and mop. We also provide display cabinet for clients to display the health products they sell. We added lightings at the display cabinet to enhanced the product looks.

Cleaning Tools Storage Compartment

Display Cabinet for Product Display

In addition, we are also provided electrical drawing for the kitchen section. The electrical drawing shows where plug point, control switch (hood), point to dishwasher, Coway and also lamp point.

Electrical Painting / Electrical Drawing

The challenge of designing this kitchen is part plumbing. Because in addition to plumbing under the sink, we also need to provide plumbing for dishwasher and pipes for coway. Complicated very know.

Alhamdulillah client satisfied with the results shape and interior design services we. What is important is the design of the kitchen meets needs and the will of the client and clients can use it in their own way.

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