Time Tolerance

Time Tolerance

Peace be upon you and please to meet you.

Had to express this opinion on the blog (before this type on Facebook). Just got Whatsapp from someone named *Mrs. Wan *. He said he wanted to ask *FREE* Interior Design Consultation. Seriously, there are more people like this. Everything is FREE like us, I’m happy to give it to him free idea & ilmu, then he thinks our time is of no value to him.

Whatsapp was also sent when I was praying Isha. Until I didn’t get bored, I prayed to hear the incoming message over and over again! Directly disrespectful of people’s rest time!

Since knowing many clients who are kind disrespectful of other people’s time, whatsapp Maghrib time, blind nights, holidays & weekdays for no urgent reason, we decided not to accept anymore client like this as our client.

Sounds kind of nasty. But this kind of client will always be lots of demand, lots of complaints, etc. It’s not that you can’t contact, but get along with people when they work. Contact is when normal people work – 9 am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

Sometimes our lives are so restless to relax or focus on the family. Especially those who like Whatsapp weekends and the night before bed. Do these people remember at 10 pm the contact, at 11 pm work can be settled? Oops ..

It feels like since existence Whatsapp application People are starting to disrespect other people’s time. Last time professionally people will contact you through emails or calls. But just because Whatsapp you FREE, he likes to send messages with a reason – at 3 in the morning he woke up remembering that, kept feeling like whatsapp.

This post is a reminder to client or customer who want to take service or buy goods from anyone. Learn to respect the time of others, control your finger, send Whatsapp only when it’s really important and don’t disturb other people’s privacy. At least you can’t blah the wife or husband of a person who dares to contact other people after midnight. Nauzubillah.

But if a good friend or #bff akak, akak doesn’t even bother to contact me anytime. Again, if there is a happy story to be gossiped about. Haha

#RespectOtherPeople’s Time

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