Ukay Club Garden Decoration Project, Ampang

Ukay Club Garden Decoration Project, Ampang

Assalamualaikum and Prosperity.

In conjunction with the last Eid, we had the opportunity to make Decoration Project at the customer’s home Illusion Hafiezd Design of Taman Kelab Ukay, Ampang. The project took only about a week for the design proposal process, while only 2 weeks to complete the decorating process.

*The living room*

* Entrance Room *

The space involved for this decoration is in the Entrance Room and Living Room. We also installed wallpaper in the Living Room and Dining Room.

*The dining room*

*Family room*

When contacting us, customers expressed their concerns to make decorations in the two rooms. They have trouble making furniture layout into space because sofa furniture which was purchased quite large and space as well less lighting despite having lots of windows and doors all around.

*The original living room is elongated & there are many windows and doors*

*Entrance hall with large sofa furniture*

Therefore, we help solve the problem of the layout of the furniture by providing furniture arrangement plan or furniture layout plan before starting the decorating process. The customer chooses the second option in addition to choosing the furniture option and decorative items based on the budget they have.

The concept of modern decoration also originates only with the theme of color chocolate, biru and green. But we have also added gold colored elements in the two rooms by placing gold-colored furniture and decorations.

*Flower vase legs with gold color elements*

* Coffee table leg with gold color elements *

*Side table legs with gold color elements with gold vases with shrubs*

As a result, the space is successfully used to the fullest when the living room the elongated ones are lined with original sofa furniture and augmented with 2 designer armchairs, coffee table, side table, standing lamp, Kanvas Khat dan designer rug with colorful geometric patterns.

Entrance Room also becomes radiant when there is Moroccan patterned wallpaper together wooden console table with golden element on the handle and legs. Mirror hanging on the wall also makes the space visible exclusive and elegant. More interestingly, we added accessories such as gold trays, flowers and indoor plants placed in gold -legged vases.

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