Wardrobe Design by Ilusi Hafiezd Design

Wardrobe Design by Ilusi Hafiezd Design

Many people are still confused by service differences Interior Designer or Interior Designer with Pakar Kabinet or Wardrobe Specialist. Here we want to emphasize, we are Interior Designer which provides shape or design a space and NOT just make a cabinet or cupboard.

Why design Wardrobe by Illusion Hafiezd Design different and more exclusive his design versus design ordinary wardrobe?

1. Design by Interior Designer

Most wardrobes are familiar with low price made by pakar kabinet or wardrobe specialist that have no expertise in shape and design.

As Interior Designer who are more experienced 10 years, we design special wardrobe for our client with premium price.

The wardrobe design we produce should be accompanied by 3D Visual design and proper Wardrobe detail drawings prepared by our own party.

Each closet design is designed based on research and picture idea guide on our part and the client himself. The closet design is also designed according to specification or client needs where the client has the right to choose how to stack shelves or division of cabinets in wardrobe.

2. Different Types of Cupboard Doors

We have produced various types of closets with type of closet door different like swing door, sliding door, open wardrobe dan walk-in wardrobe.

Each of these door designs has different prices and selected by the client in accordance with space size the interior of the client’s own home.

3. Combination of Wardrobe functions with other Cabinets

The wardrobe design looks different when combined with other cabinets such as dressing table, study table, handbag display, towel cabinet or place to store the iron.

There is also a cabinet section to have hidden light or lights. So we will provide lamp point and install different lights in the cabinets to suit the interior space of the customer’s home.

4. Unique Material and Color

Although most of the skeletons in our closets are made of material melamine, however wardrobe door produced using a variety of materials.

Among the materials used in wardrobe design are Black Glass, Mirror atau Cermin, MDF Spray Paint and Glass with laminate.

Newest, we have produced decorative door use patterned MDF doors and then painted spray paint. This door makes the wardrobe design look attractive because pattern of each door is different from the others.

Cabinet color also selected in accordance with concept, type of space and client’s own choice. All colors are suitable according to space theme colors based on colour palette or colour wheels.

5. Unique Wardrobe Accessories

Most of our wardrobes are designed and augmented with accessory which is very practical and unique. Most of these accessories have function different and only suitable to be installed on certain parts of the wardrobe.

The wardrobe frame should be designed accordingly accessory size the chosen. Due to that, as Interior Designer we will provide Wardrobe Detail Drawing before the wardrobe is made in the client’s house.

You can call pakar kabinet or wardrobe specialist to make a wardrobe that has a design the usual with low budget. Sorry, we are as Interior Designer DO NOT MAKE A WARDROBE WITH A SIMPLE & LOW BUDGET DESIGN.

If you want to use our services as an Interior Designer and want to design a wardrobe with special design with a combination of various materials, designed based on needs you have high budget (at least RM10K for one room or a set of cupboards) and equipped the latest closet accessories, you can call Illusion Hafiezd Design by email:


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